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Naderi Mini Cookie with Date Filling


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Weight 105 g

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Manufacturer: Better Food Co.

Manufacturer Country: Iran

Known as: Koloocheh Nargili, Kulucheh Nargili

Ingredients: Date, Wheat Flour, Sugar, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Nuts, Hydrogenated Liquid Oil, Whole Fresh Egg, Milk Powder, Glucose, Spice Wheat Starch, whey, Ammonium Bicarbonate, Vanilla, Baking Powder, Emulsifier Jelly, Essence, Citric Acid, Pyrophosphate Acid



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Love Mediterranean deserts? Try a bite of these delicious mini date cookies, filled with a delicious and exotic combination of date filling. You will savor and appreciate the fine ingredients in every bite. Enjoy them with a cup of Persian tea or your favorite beverage for a sweet snack that will fill your senses with the exotic flavors of the Mediterranean.