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Hajabdollah Cocoa Cotton Candy


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Weight 420 g

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Manufacturer: Better Food Co.

Manufacturer Country: Iran

Known as: Pashmak

Ingredients: Flour, Sugar, Water, Vegetable Oil, Citric Acid, Cocoa


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“Pashmak” or Persian cotton candy or candy floss is one of the most popular Iranian traditions! More of an adult dessert because of its exotic flavors and texture, pashmak is a decadent cotton candy, infused with pistachios and saffron. Now you can have this Persian delight in cocoa flavor. Hajabdollah cocoa cotton candy has taken the traditional pashmak and turned it into cocoa-flavor desert for all you chocolate lovers. Enjoy this delicious snack anytime you are craving something chocolaty, or serve it at birthday parties, picnics or any occasion.