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Habbeh Sohan


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Manufacturer: Better Food Co.

Manufacturer Country: Iran

Known as: Sowhan, Sohan

Ingredients: Wheat Sprout, Saffron, Flour, Sugar, Pistachio, Butter, Cardamom, Yolk, Rose Water



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“Sohan” is a delicious, crunchy, and buttery brittle toffee candy that is infused with saffron, pistachio, cardamom, and rose water. It’s sweet taste and crunchy texture is utterly addicting. It is often served with Persian tea. Traditionally, sohan comes in a large circular shape in a round box. Made in the city of Qom, Iran, famous for making the best sohan in Iran, Habbeh sohan are bite-sized, easy-to-eat version of this delicious Persian confection. Try this delicious treat with your favorite beverage or give it to your friends and family as an exotic gift that they are sure to enjoy.