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Antique Gaz (18% Pistachio)


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Weight 400 g

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Manufacturer: Better Food Co.

Manufacturer Country: Iran

Known as: Gaz

Ingredients: Glucose, Sugar, Pistachio, Egg Whites, Rose Water, Honey, Water



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Gaz is delicious soft Persian nougat infused with pistachios, honey and rose water. The Persian word Gaz comes from gaz-angebin which translates to ‘sap of angebin’, in reference to a species of Tamarisk that is native to the Zagros mountain range located to the west of the Esfahan, Iran. Antique gaz, with a legacy of more than a half century of experience is one of the best brands of gaz in Iran. Traditionally gaz is served in large two inch round pieces, Antique gaz come in individually wrapped small pieces to preserve the taste and quality of the product. Enjoy gaz anytime you’re craving a soft chewy candy along with your tea or coffee. Antique gaz is displayed in a beautiful gold and red box and traditionally given as a gift during special occasions.