Our Story

Mehdi Shirvani and Kian Hadizadeh have shared the joy of good food with others for their entire lives. In fact, Mehdi’s family opened its own restaurant more than 70 years ago in Iran, then began selling gourmet ice cream after moving to the U.S. Fate intervened when Mehdi and Kian, formerly nearby neighbors in Iran without even knowing it, met by chance in the States, in 2011. Striking up a fast friendship, they often reminisced about the people, experiences – and foods – from their homeland.

Soon Kian blended his strong knowledge of the importing business with Mehdi’s multi-generational food expertise, and a concept was born. That idea was to provide something previously missing in the U.S. – authentic, traditional Persian foods, easily available online for an affordable price. Their company, Better Food, sources popular edibles from Iran’s rural farms and remote village growing areas, as well as from other trusted food suppliers throughout the region. The owners have formed strong bonds with local growers and food companies, ensuring quality products that are developed naturally through age-old methods…without heavy reliance on artificial additives and mass production.

Now you can enjoy once again the delicious, nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables and other foods you love and remember so affectionately. Better Food brings you familiar tastes, with an international flavor. All sourced with love, from home.